Getting the Right Users

How do you get people to play your game? Acquiring new users is not a mystical art. Our expert team uses  proven methods of acquisition science to get the right kind of exposure and find quality users who will love playing your game.
Lots of publishers promise users, what they don't talk about is delivering quality users -  and at what cost. Our specialty is managing the cost of acquisition effectively while building a high-quality audience of active  users.  This ultimately means more net revenue for everyone.

We will help you bring your game to market, or if already in the market, carefully craft a relaunch program.  We don’t buy into the “burst” or “shotgun” approach to game marketing.  Each program we create is built from the ground up, and customized to highlight each specific game and attract the right kind of audience.  By carefully segmenting  your target audience and finding the best channels to communicate with them, we can deliver a high quality user base who wants to play your game.  And because we are not paying to gain users that would never be interested in the first place, we build audiences for maximum profitability. 


Making it Rain



There are dozens of ways to make money from a game, how many are you using? Our team of experts has delivered dozens of mobile titles, each generating thousands of dollars in daily revenue. We will share our inside knowledge to help you achieve similar success.  The key lies in both the game design and the monetization techniques.  We know how monetization and gameplay link together and we can help you adapt your design to maximize monetization.


Guarding the Treasure

Post Launch/Community Management


Getting your game to market is just one part of the challenge, once you’re live you will need to continue to engage, retain and communicate with your players.  It costs a lot less to re-engage or keep a player engaged than it does to acquire a new player.  We will help you build the right retention programs in both your product and in your marketing programs to keep users returning day after day, and month after month.


Growth Hacking?

Building your loyal player base


Sometimes a great marketing plan just isn’t enough.  So in addition to building a great marketing program for each title, Growth hacking is the daily grind of success – test, test, test… the real key to growing a user base.  We will help you test your way through product and design decisions, monetization, and marketing materials like screenshots, ads, PR, game videos and App Store Optimizations (ASO).  Coupling Growth Hacking and post launch retention programs, we will help you identify your dedicated players and keep them happy and engaged.


We Make Games Too

Production Services

We have a full service development studio and can help augment parts of your team that you may not have fully covered.  Need a specific type of art? Need a UI/UX master? Need a Unity Jockey? Need someone that knows the ins and outs of all those SDKs you have to integrate?  We can help you fill the gaps so you can focus on your product – delivering the game..



(Business Intelligence + Analytics)


Intelletics is our term for blending business intelligence and analytics. Collecting the analytics is only the first step.  Reading, reacting and creating tactics and strategies based on those analytics are the real keys to success.  Our team knows how to apply best practices to your game to help you get the most out of your data.  What do your players really like and not like? Are you wasting resources on the wrong parts of your product?  Are you effectively monetizing the parts your players really like? We can help answer all of these questions.


Getting Funded!


The holy grail of publisher services – we evaluate each submission independently for potential investment.  We want to help you be successful and we work from a “put our money where our mouth is” philosophy.  We take on the publishing risk and share in the rewards with you.  We are only successful when our developers are successful.

Zachary Anderson

"Honestly, it’s like 2048 and air hockey had a super colorful baby and it came out to be Puxers."

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