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2048? Marbles? Pinball? Pool?

Put them in a blender and you'll get Button Up!  

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Remember shooting marbles? Ever thought about shooting buttons instead?

Play Button Up - the simple action packed, button shooting, number matching, puzzle game that is easy to learn but hard to master.  Pull to aim and release to shoot. Use your skill and logic to match equal numbers to make higher value buttons.

You haven’t played anything quite like this game before - One-part bubble shooter, one part marbles, one-part air hockey, one-part billiards and pool mixed with the number merging fun of 2048. You won’t want to put this game down. 

This unique mix of arcade gameplay, strategy and numbers is fun and will stimulate your brain. If you like to play with physics and ricochet games such as Bubble Witch Saga, Angry Birds, or Panda Pop then Button Up is for you. Do you like mind and number games like 2048? Play Button Up a new kind of game that’s great for kids and adults.

The more buttons you match the higher the numbers get. How high can you get? But beware, more buttons will come your way while you clear the board. And the giant sewing needle is always just a few stitches away from sewing one of your buttons down. So plan your shots carefully and play it smart, or it’s game over.


  • Action bubble shooting play

  • Ricochet style physics

  • Power ups, combos and multipliers to help you along the way

  • Simple to learn and challenging to master

  • Stimulate your brain and Improve cognitive skills;

  • Compete on leaderboards to show off your skills

  • How high can you go? Challenge your friends and see who is the most button upped!

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